Page 19 - Litterateur March 2021
P. 19

Meet me in my dreams

               Andy  was  frantic;  he  had  promised  to  meet  her  again

               today  but  now  he  could  not  find  the  plant  he  was

               looking  for.  He  had  not  kept  a  sample  as  the  village

               elders  had  cautioned  him  against  picking  up  just  any

               wild plants found in this particular area of the Darjeeling

               Hills.  A  watery  mist  enveloped  Andy  and  made  his

               search even more difficult. Kanchendzonga, the sacred

               mountain of the land, seemed distant and shrouded in


               According to legends, Sandakphu, the hill where Andy

               was standing now, was the ‘garden of poison plants’, a

               place  from  where  nobody  returned.  Long  ago,  the

               region  was  full  of  wild  and  medicinal  plants,  but  now,

               there  was  popular  trekking  trail.  The  medicinal  plants

               either disappeared or have been long forgotten. So till a

               few  days  ago,  Andy  considered  all  these  generational

               stories as myths at worst and entertainment at best. But

               right now, as he stared at the mist covered mountains,

               he  wasn’t  sure  about  anything  anymore.  He  did  not

               know where he was headed, and his life back in Mumbai

               seemed like a fading dream.

                                                       * * * * *
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