Page 17 - Litterateur March 2021
P. 17

Following the dream

                   The wood in the stove must have burned out by now,

             for the heat from the stove had diminished considerably. I

             brought another bundle of firewood from the yard.

             As  I  was  heating  it  the  door  opened,  and  the  paramedic,

             whom I had seen that morning, appeared on the doorstep.

             - "We tried to take your father to the hospital," he said to

             Zamira, excusing himself, -"But he would not go himself."

             - "A man becomes so capricious when he gets old," replied

             the daughter, glancing embarrassed at the bed where her

             father lay.

                   The two men carefully laid Uncle Nurmat on a stretcher.

             He did not resist. He didn't even open his eyes.

                 I went to the window, standing alone for a while in the

             centre of the room. Scraps of sheets on which King Lear's

             monologues  and  lines  had  been  written  scattered  across

             the window sill, some lying beside a bottle of wine and a

             syringe, others behind a telephone.

             - "I felt like ventilating and tidying the room a bit."

               Seeing Zarifa standing on the threshold, I went out into

             the  corridor.  I  stood  there  pensively,  leaning  against  the

             wall.  Suddenly  the  phone  rang.    After  a  while  I  heard

             Zarifa's voice picking up the receiver.

             -"Have  you  hospitalised  father?  I'm  airing  the  room,  it

             smells everywhere."
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