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P. 16

Following the dream

               took  care  of  them,  washed  them,  fed  them,  took  them  to

               school and kindergarten, did homework with them, if they

               were sick, stayed with them in the hospital for a few days.

               Because  of  that,  I  couldn't  work  in  the  theatre  as  I  had

               dreamed  of  doing.  I  was  also  talented.  But  it  took  a  long

               time to look after my daughters. When putting on a play at

               the theatre, I used to get reprimanded by the stage director

               many  times  because  not  only  I  couldn't  perform  the  role

               allotted  to  me  perfectly  but  I  even  couldn't  memorise

               character texts. I almost didn't work on myself, like others.

               Didn't  read  books,  didn't  develop  speech.  Twenty-four

               hours  a  day  I  thought  only  about  daughters.  And    they

               stopped giving me roles. In the eyes of the stage director, I

               gained  a  reputation  as  an  inept  actor,  unfit  for  any  role,

               completely irresponsible, and I was dismissed, bypassed in

               the  distribution  of  roles  before  a  performance.I  played

               nothing for months. I was assigned roles only occasionally

               and  unexpectedly,  but  they  were  minor  roles  in  small,

               unpopular productions, episodic, with two or three lines."

               Uncle  Nurmat  was  silent,  staring  dejectedly  at  the

               telephone. Tears stood in his eyes and, accumulating, ran

               down his cheekbones.

               -  "My  life  has  never  been  following  a  dream,"  he  said,

               closing his eyes.
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