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Following the dream

                 The  daughters  shook  their  heads  when  they  heard  his


                 -"They won't call," said Zamira, with a deep groan.

                 -  "Do  you  know  why  they  won't  call  you?  Because,  they

                 don't  need  you.  There  are  dozens  of  actors  in  the  theatre

                 who can play the part of King Lear. And they're all    more

                 talented  than  the  other.    The  director  won't  give  you  the

                 part,  he'll  give  it  to  them.  You  weren't  given  the  lead  role

                 when you worked there, do you think they'd give it to you

                 now?  "-  "My  sister's  words  are  right,"  Zarifa,  the  eldest

                 daughter, raised her voice from the doorstep. - "All your life

                 you have dreamed of playing the role of King Lear. Much of

                 your life and youth has been spent on this dream. But it did

                 not come to pass, it was not your destiny. Now you have

                 grown  old...  You  are  no  longer  of  an  age  to  run  in  the

                 footsteps of a dream."

                       Uncle Nurmat sighed heavily, clutching the edge of the

                 bed with all his might. - "You… both of you… step out of

                 the room."     After they left, he lay quietly, not taking his

                 eyes off the door. When he spoke, I couldn't differ if he was

                 talking to himself or to me. -"My life passed not following a

                 dream, but in the hassle of caring for my daughters. All my

                 colleagues  came  to  the  theatre  in  the  morning  cleanly

                 dressed and combed, while I came in old clothes with my

                 unshaven  beard  for  weeks.  Because  I  didn't  have  enough

                 time  to  embellish  myself.  I  took  over  the  daily  care  of  my

                 daughters because of my wife's illness.
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