Page 14 - Litterateur March 2021
P. 14

Following the dream

                - "Oh, well," he said with great satisfaction, reassured by

                my answer, "If the director calls, the phone will ring."

                            Soon  the  stove  was  heating  and  the  wood  was

                crackling.  Warmth    was  spreading  in  the  room.  Zarifa

                must have seen the smoke from the stove and came into

                the room to get warm.

                      -  "I  have  memorized  by  heart  all  the  speeches  and

                monologues  of  King  Lear,"  said  Uncle  Nurmat  as  his

                daughter went out into the yard, warming up.

                He could not shake his head because of his injury.  So he

                swivelled his eyes as he spoke.

                  -  "However,  there  is  no  call  from  the  theatre.  Waiting

                every day. There is no news."

                            Uncle  Nurmat  soon  fell  asleep,  apparently  the

                paramedic  added  sleeping  pills  when  he  gave  the

                anaesthetic  shot.  Uncle  Nurmat's  youngest  daughter

                Zamira went to the windowsill as soon as she entered the

                room  and  tore  the  scattered  sheets  to  shreds.  When

                 finished, she sat down on the edge of the bed where her

                father lay.

                - "You must go to the hospital, without any arguments,"

                she said, approaching Uncle Nurmat as he woke up.

                Uncle Nurmat looked at her in surprise then at his eldest

                daughter who had brought tea into the room.

                - "I don't want to go to the hospital. I'll be getting a call

                from the theatre soon."
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