Page 12 - Litterateur March 2021
P. 12

Following the dream

                - They don't know anything."

                      Visits to my parents were sometimes delayed because

                of work at the institute, as science was time-consuming.

                Since  I  took  time  off  from  my  work  at  the  department,  I

                now have enough opportunities to visit them more often.

                -  "Tomorrow  I  am  going  to  the  village,"  I  said  when  I

                sensed that uncle Nurmat had calmed down a little.

                -  "I'll  visit  my  parents,  for  two  or  three  days,  maybe  a


                      He nodded, as if to say okay.

                - "May be, the director of the theatre will call me."

                            I stayed in the village for a fortnight. The cold days

                of  January  seemed  even  colder  there.  I  continued  my

                research work without leaving the house because of the

                cold.  The days were boring, and I translated Benedetti's

                stories  into  Uzbek.  A  heavy  snowfall  occurred  the  day  I

                returned  to  town.  It  was  knee-deep  in  snow.  The  roads

                were  slippery.  Not  only  was  it  dangerous  to  walk,  but  it

                was even dangerous to drive in the car. We were moving

                so  slowly  that  it  seemed  as  if  the  taxi's  speedometer

                wasn't working because of the slow speed.

                When  I  got  out  of  the  car  near  my  house,  I  noticed  an

                ambulance near Uncle Nurmat's gate, the driver in which

                was not moving, huddled up on the steering wheel. After

                a while, a paramedic came out of the
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