Page 11 - Litterateur March 2021
P. 11

Following the dream

               work as before. They said I couldn't work now. No, that's

               not going to happen! It's the right time to play King Lear.

               And my age is right. King Lear was about seventy years


                     Suddenly he perked up, pacing the room from side to

               side with his hand behind his back.

               - You saw it, didn't you?" - he said, stopping suddenly in

               front of me.  - "You have seen that I can play King Lear,

               that  I  have  deeply  studied  his  state  of  mind.  You  heard

               with your ears how expressively read the monologue. And

               they  have  not  even  seen,  nor  heard.  The  daughters

               grieved my soul by saying ruthless words."

               I  looked  up,  distracted  by  the  descriptions  of  Mario

               Benedetti's portrait. It was one part of my academic work.

                     I couldn't work when uncle Nurmat was so nervous. At

               this time the water in the electric kettle boiled.  I brewed

               some tea.

               - "Tea raises the blood pressure,"- said uncle Nurmat.

               He wasn't thirsty and put the cup on the windows grill.

               -  "Uncle,  maybe  your  daughters  are  telling  the  truth,"  I

               said  as  I  drank  the  tea  all  the  way  down.  Then  I  looked

               sadly at the rest of the tea that was left at the bottom of

               the cup.

                    Uncle Nurmat looked at me sadly.

               - "They don't know anything.
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