Page 9 - K M ANTHRU Reflectoem Issue 05
P. 9


                                               JACK FOLEY

             to redefine world

             we need the solidity

             of a place on which to stand
             where world is visible

             and possibility exists as well

             we need

             a past that can be used

             the violence of tears
             the pleasure of laughter

             who but a father can teach us

             a father who knew words
             and knew the passionate

             ineluctability of vision

             gone now, but in the mind

                                                                           Jack Foley is a widely-published
             the sound of a voice                                         poet, critic, performer, and radio
             that will never be heard again                                host on Berkeley station KPFA.

             in a room at night                                              Lives in Oakland, California

             beside you

             just before sleep:

             the presence

             of love
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