Page 6 - K M ANTHRU Reflectoem Issue 05
P. 6

Oh, Babuji,                             MY FATHER IN LAW
         You have escaped
         To a place
         Where there is silence
         Where there is no complaints,                                  Yes!
         Where there is no violence                                     He was there with you.
         Where you can rest in peace,                                   Making your untold dreams come
         without fear.                                                  true

                                                                        We saw the smile in you
         Memories haunt us,
         The years we spent together,          MINI H S                 Longing in you
         We three…                                                      Wanting to speak out
         Serene joyful days.                 DAUGHTER IN LAW            December 13 – we won’t forget
                                                POET, ARTIST,           Many dreams come true.
         But …
         When you stumbled (?)                                          But..
         We went pale with disbelief.                                   December 14

         Three years you were in pain                                   You closed yourself (?)
         Truth hid behind darkness.                                     You could see
                                                                        You could feel
                                                                        You could hear
         You were alive
         But not able to speak out                                      But they made you mum.
         As you do                                                      For five days you waited.
         Your protest against evil
         Which saved lives of many                                      Patting your forehead,
         Did not help you at all.                                       Witnessing your last breath flying
                                                                        Your smile remained
         Whom did you fear?
         Still we saw the sparkle of your                               Mocking smile
         warrior heart                                                  At those around you
         Between lines you sandwiched the

         truth                                                          Who do never knew
         In words you spoke                                             How great you are
         In lines you wrote
                                                                        You are not gone
                                                                        But with us
         Did you preferred to tell the secret
         of solving the puzzle to your son                              You are now stronger
         Is it you asked for him- your last                             Stronger than you lived
         words?                                                         And
         “Shajil?”                                                      That is our strength.
                                                                        Strength to fulfill
                                                                        Your desires.
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