Page 19 - K M ANTHRU Reflectoem Issue 05
P. 19


                                                 Eappen Elias
                           Stay strong Shajil , do accept my condolences

                                                 Sangita Singh
                                      Pls do accept my condolence

                                            Moulinath Goswami

                            We all can understand your state of mind.
                              But then life moves on and so shall you.

                                       All the best for the future....

                                             Paulami Sengupta

                                               My condolences

                                                Moumita Alam
            I believe you will grow with his memories. Condolences and prayers

                                              Himalayan Verses

                             My condolences to you and your family....
                              May his soul rest in peace....stay strong.

                                               Mustaf Rahman
                                  Deeply mourn for his sad demise...

                                                Ammu Rajeev


                                               Charles Braddy
               May he Rest in Peace. Your Magazine is a great tribute to him

                                               Shafinur Shafin
                                        may his soul rest in peace

                                                  Shruti Goel

                                        May his soul rest in peace
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