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                In    the     meantime,        he     won       the
                Narmakairali  hasa  sahitya  Award  in

                2014 and the Govind Rachana Award of
                the Navarasam Sangeet Sabha in 2015.

                Unexpectedly in 2017 when he started
                publishing a collection of essays titled

                "Prathibharenukkal" which would have
                been  the  most  notable  in  Malayalam
                literature,  Anthru  become  sick  and


                The      book       Prathibharenukal           was
                published       in    2018,      proving       that

                literature  is  a  medicine  that  can  cure                      Essay collection  published in
                any      disease.        The       articles       in              2018 after he was bed ridden

                Prathibharenukal  are  a  detailed  study
                of  some  of  the  most  overlooked
                authors and works. This book will be a

                reminder  not  only  to  the  students  of
                Malayalam literature but to all.

                Then in 2019 he became notable for his
                stories  “Thoovalsparsham”(  Feather

                touch). A collection of complete works
                by KM Anthru is set to be released in

                K  M  Anthru  is  the  founder  and

                managing          editor       of     Litterateur
                redefining  World,  which  acclaimed  a

                notable position in the World literature
                in a short span.

                                                                                  Story collection  published in
                                                                                 2019. The cover is the photo of
                                                                                  his two grandchildren Roshan
                                                                                           and Roshni
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