Page 17 - K M ANTHRU Reflectoem Issue 05
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                                                          One  wonders  why  KM  Anthru,
                                                          who  has  been  writing  stories

                                                          since  1958,  did  not  consciously
                                                          or even reach the Milky Way, the

                                                          awe-inspiring Milky Way.
                                                          When             the           collection
                                                          "Pullikuyilum,  Panineerpoovum,

                                                          Oru      Snehabandhavum"               was
                                                          published  in  2004,  no  one

                                                          expected  the  return  of  Anthru.
                                                          He was like a newcomer who is

                                                          slowly  falling  in  love  with
                                                          storytelling.       From       2006      he

                                                          started  writing  stories  to  the
                                                          amazement  of  everyone.  In  the

                 English Short story collection           early  days,  most  of  his  stories
                      published in 2016                   and  articles  were  published  in

                                                          the         Kerala          Bhushanam

                                                          newspaper.  Malayalam  literature
                                                          was later seen by KM Anthru as

                                                          a       flash        of      impossible

                                                          In 2010 he published a collection
                                                          of short stories, "The Judge and
                                                          the  Camel".  In  2015  he  wrote

                                                          "Vazhakula                             (not
                                                          Changampuzha's)"  ,  in  2016  he

                                                          wrote  "The  Banana  Bunch  and
                                                          other  stories",  and  in  2017  he
                                                          wrote  "Padmashree".  He  also

                                                          published         a     collection       of
                                                          scholarly          essays          named

                      Short story collection              “Doorakazchakal”  also  during
                        published in 2017                 this time.
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