Page 16 - K M ANTHRU Reflectoem Issue 05
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                 Thereafter  he  settled  in  Kochi  and
                 started  handling  cases  of  railway

                 employees.  He  proved  himself  as  an
                 successful advocate in high court and

                 central administrative tribunal.

                 He  was  very  active  in  literature  in  the
                 1950s and 1960s. There is is no need to
                 look for any other reason why he went

                 back  a  little  in  that  regard  until  the
                 2000s. He was giving up his own talent

                 and  voice  for  his  fellow  employees,
                 downtrodden  and  particularly  to  the

                 society       through       his     role    as     a
                 compassionate organization leader.                               Short story collection

                                                                              published in 2015 which won
                                                                               two awards: Narma Kairali
                 Anthru,  who  shifted  several  houses                         Hasa Sahitya Award and
                 during  his  lifetime  could  not  preserve                   Govind Rachna Award 2015

                 his published and unpublished literary
                 works.  But  with  the  help  of  many,

                 Anthru  recollected  some  published
                 stories.  Eight  stories  were  selected

                 from those treasures. KM Anthru's first
                 book was published in 2004 under the

                 title  "Pullikkuyilum,  Panineerpoovum,
                 Oru Snehabandhavum"

                 Dr.  Sebastian  Paul  wrote  the  introduction.  In  2003,  he  made  a  far-
                 sighted observation. "Anthru has built a hut next to the four blocks of

                 the story like the invader in the outer block ... I'm sure he cannot be let
                 down easily..."
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