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                                                       His first article,”Sahitya Vazhakkukal”
                                                       (Literary  Fights)  was  a  series  of

                                                       reviews  of  secondhand  rhetoric  and
                                                       symbolism in literature.

                                                       After  completing  his  education  at
                                                       Kanjiramattom  Government  Lower

                                                       Primary  School,  St.  Ignatius  High
                                                       School  and  Maharaja's  College,  he

                                                       worked  at  Poona  Defense  Account
                                                       Office,  the  Pension  Pay  Master's

                                                       Office  at  Thiruvananthapuram  and
                                                       then  as  Station  Master  at  the  Indian

                  Short story collection               Southern Railway.
                 published in 2010 which
                include Kerala High Court
                Advocates Literary award               But in the 1970s, his focus shifted to
                      winning story                    another area related to the workplace.

                                                       The      All    India      Station      Masters
                                                       Association  is  an  association  of

                                                       station masters in railways. Formed in
                                                       1953,  the  organization  went  through
                                                       its  strongest  fighting  days  in  the

                                                       1970s  and  '80s.  KM  Anthru  was  the
                                                       Zonal  President  of  the  Southern

                                                       Railway  All  India  Station  Masters
                                                       Association  at  that  time.  He  worked

                                                       tirelessly  for  those  with  him  and
                                                       those who worked in lower positions.

                                                       Even       after     his     retirement,       he
               Essay collection published in           continued  to  work  for  the  railway
               2012 which included scholarly           staff.  Service  Matter  column  titled
               essays about Vakkom Abdul
               khader, P K Balakrishnan, M             "Doubts  Resolution"  on  the  front
                 KrishnanNair, Edappally               page of "Rail Dhwani".
              Raghavan Pillai, P Bhaskaranm
                  Khalil Gibran and Iqbal.
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