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                  KM  Anthru  is  the  eighth  son  of
                  Kottayil       Moideen         Sahib       and

                  Perumbalam                 Kallidumkadavil
                  Kunjomma. He was born on April 2,

                  1937.  In  1956,  while  he  was  a
                  student,  he  worked  with  his

                  classmate  Enadi  Ramachandran  to
                  bring  out  a  Malayalam  magazine
                  “Nalathe        Pookal”       (Flowers       of

                  Tomorrow).  He  published  a  series
                  of  short  stories  and  articles  in  the

                  various  media  such  as  Kerala
                  Bhushanam,            Kerala       Kaumudi,

                  Kerala           Dhwani,            Malayala
                  Manorama,             Kala         Kaumudi,

                  Prabhatham  and  Bharatabhoomi.
                  He  strongly  attacked  the  social
                  evils  and  immoralities  around  him

                  through writing.
                                                                           This book is published by Shajil
                                                                            Anthru and his wife Mini H S in
                  His       first     story       ”Pathiriyum               2004. Cover design is done by
                  Kozhiyirachiyum” was published in                          Mini H S, his daughter in law
                                                                                who is now working as
                  1957. Until 1970 he was very active                      Assistant Executive Engineer in
                  in the literary world. At that time he                    Kerala State Electricity Board.

                  was  writing  under  the  name                                This book initiated the
                                                                              comeback of a writer K M
                  Kanjiramattom Anthru.                                     Anthru who  was in exile from
                                                                                 writing for long time
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