Page 12 - K M ANTHRU Reflectoem Issue 05
P. 12

In loving memory of

                                     K M Anthru

            I had two safe hands
            That hold me,
            Support me, and
            Show the right road all time.

            I had an idol
            In my life.
            He rebuked me for my mistakes
            He guided all my way.

            I had a great friend
            Who stood by my side
            Who made me realized
            about my strength.

            Once I became fatigued,
            His wise words
            Enlightened my dark world
            With enormous energy and vigour.

            I had a man in my life
            He once gave me                                       Nafisa Parvin Irani
            All his sky, all his dreams
            Now....he is in sky                             Poet from Maldah, West
            Leaving me to fulfill all his wishes
            And blessing me from Him the best                            Bengal, India
            for me.
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