Page 10 - K M ANTHRU Reflectoem Issue 05
P. 10

Poem for KM

                       Wish I had known you

              KM KM KM KM
              The rails beckon
              The voice calls
              The story lurks
              Behind closed walls                                KM KM KM KM
                                                                 Your voice in the wind
              KM KM KM KM                                        Your voice on the walls
              The whistle                                        Your heart delivered
              The smoke                                          In these dusty old halls
              The men laying rails                               Your heart on the table
              The girl serving tea                               Granting others be able
              The committe
              The sea

                                                                 KM KM KM KM
              KM KM KM KM                                        The glimmer in the eye
              The pen                                            The shimmer on the leaf
              The typewriter                                     The sigh of relief
              The blackboard                                     You stand recomposed
              The keyboard                                       In butterfly and moth
              The story carved                                   You tickle our fingers
              On the tablet of time                              Guard against sloth
              Though it be stolen                                Reiventing the World
              And duty unwoven                                   Is our duty unfurled.

                                                                 Au revoir KM KM KM
                                                                 ‘till we meet again

                                                               Pina Piccolo, Imola,

                                                                December 28, 2020
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