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                   The  area,  several  meters  around,  was  surrounded  by  a  metal  fence,  behind  which  the  terrain  was
                   swarming  with  people  in  protective  helmets  and  work  clothes.  The  onlookers  watched  the
                   construction crew with interest. Matilda turned to the woman standing next to her:
                   - What happened to the library? The larchs?
                   - A library? The woman frowned strongly. - No, there was no libr ary here. There was a neglected ruin
                   here, and the larches used to be, but those had been cut long ago. Are you well? Mrs?
                   Matilda felt something collapse inside her and the ground began to sway under her feet. Mrs. Maria?
                   What happened to Mrs. Maria? After all, I ... But I ... Yesterday, here ... As if in a trance, Matilda moved

                   towards the passage. She ignored the red light.


                   When she opened her eyes, Maria looked at her with concern. Matilda looked around. There was only
                   white light and silence everywhere. Oh, Ms. Maria is alive! Matilda was glad, trying to sit straight on
                   the bed, but the pain prevented this maneuver. Ms. Maria placed her hand on her forehead and spoke
                   „When you come back, your whole life will change. Go to the library. Apply for a job there. " Matilda
                   closed her eyes. She felt terribly tired. Something made her heart beat faster, scrambled her thinking.
                   After a few more days, she saw a strange face above Her.
                   -How long have you been asleep! We were afraid you might not wake up anymore.
                   - The doctor measured her pulse with satisfaction.
                   - Very good. Now it will only get better! And finally, you'll read all these books, He pointed to the left.
                   With an effort, she turned her head. There was a nice pile of books on the hospital table.
                   - From whom are they? She asked softly.
                   - From the nice gentleman in the next room. The one with compound leg fracture. He is a real book-

                   alcoholic! Some smoke cigarettes, others drink, and this one ... Only reads and reads. And there are
                   still a coupe of months of reading in here ahead of him


                   The day was exceptionally sunny. A freckled face appeared over the top of the library counter:
                   - Good morning. I would like to borrow a book.
                   - And what would you like this book to be about? Matilda knelt down to match the boy's height.
                   When the little one, overjoyed at the choice of books to read, disappeared through the glass door,
                   Matilda approached the window. There were more and more new trees in the library courtyard. She
                   put some of them in person. One of them she called: "Maria's larch."
                   “It's wonderful not to fit into the world, but to find your place in it,” She recalled a frequent saying of
                   the old librarian. She had one more thing to do. She knew the way to the hospital almost by heart.  He
                   was already waiting for new novels.

                   Leaning on the tall pillows, he stared at the door. "Girl with books," as he called her one day, when he
                   was more and more remembered and… heart.

                                                            Katarzyna Justyna Zychla, Poland


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