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Shahid Abbas is a poet and Writer, he was born in a village karapla
                                                           421  G.B  Tandlianwala  Faisalabad  Pakistan.  Shahid's  poetry  has
                                                           been published in many international books also his stories in an
                                                           international  newspapers.  He  is  co  Author  of  "We  speak  in
                                                           syllables" & going publish his book" Food for hungry heart"

                                                         Shahid Abbas, Pakistan

                                                   The Bewitching Hour

                             Deep in the dark of night
                             lying awake
                             your image burned into my imagination
                             eyes closed as dreams of you descend like warmth deep in the cold of winter
                             as the bewitching hour approaches thoughts flash back to our first meeting
                             when universes collided that fateful day

                             recalling the mysteriousness of it all
                             I smile
                             then hearing a whisper
                             urging me to write a poem
                             honoring the great gift of generosity given to me

                             a gratuitous offering made by the heavens

                             let a million twinkling stars bear witness to our joy
                             our gratitude to a kinduniverse

                             As sunlight rises over the horizon
                             thoughts turn to love's enigmatic nature
                             suddenly I experience a compelling urge to dance
                             with my back to the wind
                             serenade clouds
                             hiding smiling angels
                             listening closely hearing their joyful sound
                             harmonizing the last note of your name

                             then I pray my urgent prayer that angels sing my name to you
                             sweet melodious music lifting you to the mountain top
                             where I impatiently wait your coming

                             my beating heart speaks only to your eyes
                             your love is my buoy
                             let my name be yours
                             I am the poet who lives in you
                             and you
                             my love
                             the constant inspiration alive in me..


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