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Sangita Singh, renowned poet from India have been writing poems
                                                           on  international  platform.  She  published  her  book  "Dewdrops”  in
                                                           2019 which is a collection of 3 short stories and 54 poems. Sangita
                                                           Singh is a member of world largest poetry website Allpoetry.

                                                                Sangita Singh, India

                                                                                A DISCOURSE

                                                                        I asked my source
                                                                        Though I am born,
                                                                        Why you are unknown?
                                                                        It said “I am in you as a disguise,”
                                                                        Little venture on your own
                                                                        Was your plead.
                                                                        So, I kept your navel intact,

                                                                        To seize me as per your need.
                                                                        I asked my source,
                                                                        Though fluid with the eternity,
                                                                        Then, why graves needs it's sanctity??.
                                                                        It said, “graves are the beauty and truth,
                                                                        Eternity resides in many galaxies.


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