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Vasiliki Karatasiou is a professor  of Greek  literature. She lives in
                                                           Larisa. She is also the General Secretary of  E. LO. SY. L. She has
                                                           published  six  books  of  poetry,  three  of  them  are  translated  in
                                                           French. She has been awarded with a gold and a silver medal by
                                                           the International Academy of Letters and Arts of Lutece. She has
                                                           also won several prizes in many other competitions of poetry in her

                                                      Vasiliki Karatasiou, Greece

                                                                   Translated  in  English  by  Louis  Xatzi,  professor  of

                                                                   English, New England University of Australia.
                           Ύδωρ καλοσύνης

                  Μη στεναχωριέσαι, ψυχή ευλογημένη, που δε σου πρόσφεραν ούτε νερό
                  να πιεις, μια γλυκιά ευχούλα για να πεις.

                  Ακόμα και λίγο νεράκιείναι για κάποιους δυστυχώς υπερβολικό,
                  όταν κρατούν την πόρτα

                  του σπιτιού τους σφαλιστή
                  για τον αδερφό ή το συγγενή και την καρδιά τους απόμακρη κι
                  από ευγενή
                  συναισθήματα σβηστή.

                  Όταν διψάμε, θα πίνουμε ύδωρ καλοσύνης με μπόλικες σταγόνες αγάπης
                  και αδελφοσύνης κι
                  όταν το νεράκι απ' το
                  ποτήρι μας θα ξεχειλίζει και θα χύνεται, ο σπόρος της αγάπης και της
                  καλοσύνης παντού θα

                                                                         Water of goodness

                                                                Do not grieve, blessed soul
                                                                they did not even offer you water to drink,
                                                                a sweet wish to say.

                                                                Even a little water
                                                                is unfortunately too much for somebody,
                                                                when they keep the door of their house locked
                                                                for their brother or relative
                                                                and their hearts distant
                                                                and from noble emotions extinguished.

                                                                When we are thirsty we will drink water of goodness
                                                                with plenty of drops of love and brotherhood
                                                                and when the water from our glass will overflow and pour,
                                                                the seed of love and goodness
                                                                will be scattered everywhere.


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