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Licensed Infamy

                                               Being shamed repeatedly, playing the comedian
                                               flying a color none can reach, always
                                               psychosis through observation, sorely disappointed
                                               God’s own breath finding the correlative state.

                                               Nicely advertised, at detriment of schooling
                                               weary-eyed maturity a nutritious stance
                                               watching cross-eyed though every instance
                                               hung out to dry over an elusive crime.

                                               This literal truth, closed till further notice
                                               asking for ridicule in the thick of things
                                               creating keepsakes in light of impermanence
                                               valued dissonance at a licensed infamy.

                                               Crushed recounted, if and God knows when,
                                               doing rather well at other curricular activities
                                               poisoning lovebirds via knowledgeable stances
                                               freedom of association smoking out of turn.

                                               No worse off, no better.Only for a quieter good
                                               is this trespass justified, a destination sought
                                               not wanting to know own charge, repeatedly

                                               overstepping the mark of fresh criminality

                                               For a higher good, eating under protection
                                               life going on, under scrutiny for evermore,
                                               bought and paid for, false misprision accoladed
                                               this wandering camaraderies remains on the books.

                                                                            Patricia Walsh , Ireland


                            REDEFINING WORLD                                                                              82
                          EDITED BY SHAJIL ANTHRU
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