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Patricia Walsh was born in the parish of Mourneabbey, in north Co
                                                           Cork,and educated at University College Cork, graduating with an
                                                           MA  in  Archaeology.  Her  poetry  has  been  published  in  Stony
                                                           Thursday;  Southword;  Narrator  International;  Trouvaille  Review;
                                                           Strukturrus;  Seventh  Quarry;  Vox  Galvia;  The  Quarryman;
                                                           Brickplight, The Literatus, and Otherwise Engaged.She has already
                                                           published a chapbook, titled Continuity Errors in 2010, and a novel,
                                                           The Quest for Lost Éire, in 2014. A second collection of poetry,

                       titled Citizens Arrest, was published online by Libretto in 2020. A further collection of poetry, titled
                       Outstanding Balance, is scheduled for publication in late 2021. She was the featured poet in the
                       inaugural edition of Fishbowl Magazine, and a further novel, In The Days of Ford Cortina will be
                       published in late 2021.
                                                      Patricia Walsh

                                     Wildlife                                                               !

                  Innocence behind the invention steadily seethes                 Leaving the light on, placating malignant
                  starved of the gist of a proper argument,                       sadness
                  ardent quotes pervade luxurious existence                       night saver electricity never sounded so sweet,
                  no fire without smoke mislaying some misdeeds                   perfected coffee blows another mind
                  proper hopes of your twenties dissolved out of turn.            setting free all angels on age restriction
                                                                                  worshipped out of propriety, loved to a fine
                  Kissed a lot, placed in a heart notwithstanding,                degree.
                  coming back in, a womb that is disallowing
                  rarity of form begs the question: what for?                     God should have set me free by now, a beloved
                  Waking up then, a fashion for some offers                       picked from the crowd, religion a fundamental
                  smug and interesting to a valid point.                          option
                                                                                  twisted and weaved to the saviour’s liking
                  Populating cafés to the bitter end,                             living for oneself a probable delusion.
                  not really hurting from the sound of your voice,

                  shouting the odds from a midnight dance                         Outside friends call on the time at weddings
                  trying for size a proper primordial soup                        first cut to the bone loses none of its pain,
                  exchanging dissonance from a scarified ban.                     disillusioned through an open eye, scarred
                                                                                  profoundly for the books, remaining cold
                  The eternal cup-holder bears much fruit,                        outside
                  elders disintegrated, visits out of the equation                contextual arguments loved under order.
                  bad socializing moved to a finer hour
                  happy to be a muse, or at least a mouthpiece,                   Stealing home, hungry hearts going for miles,
                  what you got was a legend, nothing less.                        live for the good causes, ejecting from comfort
                  Instantaneous coffee, acquitted of a murder,                    cancerous treatment gobbling its own results
                  mass behaviors at weddings this common touch,                   spreading to every part necessary, coldly
                  kissing the benefit, an overweight standby,                     present
                  a foreign tongue brought to heel, not for sale                  this second home fooling nobody, tolerated at

                  catchphrases in the slow burn, as promised.                     best.

                                                                                  Condemned by catchphrases in a nourishing
                                                                                  life starting with another book sailing sagely
                                                                                  living outside marriage a delectable disaster
                                                                                  playing a certain ball to the back of the net,
                      Litterateur                                  81             coupled in academic frostiness, calling shrill.

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