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Jelena Zagorac was born in 1983 in Serbia (South Europe),
                                                                  where she lives. She has graduated Comparative Literature.
                                                                  She  writes  poems  and  short  stories  and  her  works  are
                                                                  published in various magazines and collections, like Poezija
                                                                  zlatnih stihova 2 (Poetry of Golden Verse 2) published by FB
                                                                  group  “Pisci  i  književnost  -  Writers  and  Literature”  and
                                                                  online  literary  magazine  Enheduana,  published  by  The
                                                                  Association for Promotion of Cultural Diversity “Alia Mundi”.
                                                                  As the contributor of the Association, in 2020 she took part
                                                                  in  “Festival  of  Hope”  organized  by  Versopolis,  and

                   Jelena Zagorac,                                supported  by  Creative  Europe  Programme  of  the  European
                                                                  Union.  Since  2018  she  writes  and  edits  her  personal  blog
                                                                  Jelena           Zagorac           Something             Different(ly)
                               Serbia                             ("

                               BOOKS                                                   ABYSS

                     Word after word                                          I

                     line after line
                     page after page                                          Your smile
                                                                              Has got
                     And then some little eyes full of stars without          A dimple on the cheek.
                     a reason
                     and the joyful shouting of a child’s laugh               Time passes.
                                                                              I remain.
                     and you realize:
                     forever you will live in a lie
                                                                              There grows
                                                                              The résumé.

                             AROUND                                           Time passes.
                                                                              I remain.
                     Words, words, words.
                     A wave that vibrates.                                 THE ONLY THING WORTH IT
                     Start, stop, delete, replay.

                                                                       Still the laugh shines from your eyes,
                     Can’t be deleted                                  And while leaves are falling down under my window,
                     Child’s eyes
                     That glow with shimmer in a game.                 Résumé of mine grows for one more year

                                                                       Closed in silence.
                  The room is full                                     I’m thinking.
                  Hopping of your curls,                               Realizing your soft curls still grow
                  Shining of your eyes,                                In the room, space is filled with ringing of your
                  Joyful shouting of your laugh,                       uninhibited joy.
                  Joy of your imagination.                             Closed in silence.

                  You don't like when I hug you.

                   Litterateur                                                                                            74

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