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Dr.  Sunitha  Ganesh  is  working  as  Assistant  Professor  in
                                                                   Physics  in  Govt.  Victoria  College,  Palakkad,  Kerala,  India
                                                                    She is a renowned poet and writer

                                     Dr. Sunitha Ganesh, India

                                              Supermarket an apolitical view

                     It was a market,                                         And were filled and refilled.
                     Of course a super one.                                   I was in search
                     Saw a crowd.                                             Of a lovely thing...
                     Many single, couple and                                  Is it got filled in a bottle?
                     Family.                                                  Sometimes
                     Busily hunting preys                                     safely packed in a

                     From shelves.                                            Disinfected aluminum foil?

                                                                              I foraged...
                     Sales girls were smiling,                                Crowd was getting deeper...
                     It was,                                                  Darkness spreaded deep
                     for the loaded bags on                                   To my eyes...
                     Hunter's hand.                                           I was scouting for a bottle...
                     Receiving delightfully                                   The shelves were deeper...
                      The money cards.                                        I longed to get a cute bottle...
                                                                              I was thirsty,
                     I looked strangely at the                                 to get a drop
                     Billing end,                                             Or a piece,
                     and for hunting                                          if I can chew it!
                     Why do they pay?                                         A pinch of it,
                     And why do they pay?                                      was enough..
                     After chasing, sweating, loading
                     And unloading!                                           The shelves
                                                                               were crowded..

                     I got in.                                                The market
                     Shelves were "lovely,                                    was crowded.
                     Dark and deep"...                                        I,
                                                                               was empty..
                                                                              Still empty...
                                                                              I was
                                                                               Probing a bottle.
                                                                              A very very small bottle.

                   Litterateur                                                                                            73

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