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Tribute to Dear Dareen


                     As you meet the vastness
                     Of the oceans,
                     As you greet the greatness
                     Of the heavens,

                     We meet you daily in our heart,
                     Where you live on in a diamond studded part,
                     And we know for sure,                                        3.
                     Ali and you are looking at us,
                     Telling us you chose eternal peace,                          Perhaps the depths of the oceans
                     Leaving behind the pain-ridden body- flesh it                And the expanse
                     is,                                                          Of the valleys between
                     Just flesh it is.                                            The Al Hajjar mountains-
                                                                                  Can be equalled
                     This way we find solace,                                     To measure
                     We visit mountain tops                                       The pain of parents
                     Where you loved to be,                                       Forced to bid farewell
                     And plant your favourite trees                               To their son,
                     Reminding us, you were always                                Then to their daughter.

                     Nature's own Beloved,
                     Heaven's own Blessed.                                        These depths and expanses
                                                                                  Echo the choked sobs
                                                                                  Of the mother's cries
                                                                                  And the father's
                       2.                                                         un-uttered sighs.

                                                                                  Then may these oceans
                       Rest Dareen,                                               and valleys
                       In peace eternally                                         Offer comfort
                       In paradise,                                               and solace
                       We will remember you                                       That the souls
                       And your words wise,                                       Left pain
                       To us is the solace                                        As they parted bodies,
                       That you were released                                     And rose to paradise
                       From pain, and now in heaven, You chose to                 In heavens high.
                       Into infinity.
                       Too early you left,
                       For you were keen
                       To rejoin
                       The Divine
                       And dissolve
                       Into Divinity,
                       Into Divinity.

                                                                                          Amita Sanghvi, Oman

                   Litterateur                                                                                            72

                         REDEFINING WORLD
                       EDITED BY SHAJIL ANTHRU
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