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Amita Sanghvi, is an alumna from 2003 from the department
                                                                   of  Language  and  Linguistics  in  Bowland  College  and  a
                                                                   recipient  of  the  Commonwealth  British  Council  Hornby
                                                                   Award from India. She lives in Oman, for the past 16 years,

                                                                   and teach at Sultan Qaboos University. Apart from being a
                                                                   lecturer, Amita Sanghavi is also a published poet now, and
                                                                   World Poetry International, Canada, has honoured her as the
                                                                   Ambassador of Poetry to Oman.

                                                        Amita Sanghvi

                                                        Tribute to Dear Dareen

                                                                                    Dareen Mehdi


                     Dareen  Mehdi  was  an  active  volunteer  to
                     protect  and  preserve  the  Sultanate’s  natural
                     treasures.  She  was  also  an  organizer  of
                     Oman’s  annual  Penned  Thoughts  writing

                     contest  -  The  yearly  competition  was  held  to
                     mark  the  memory  of  her  brother  Ali,  a  writer
                     who, like her, died at a young age. Dareen was
                     also  a  board  member  of  the  Environment
                     Society of Oman. She was a host - in addition
                     -  a  radio  show  on  Al  Wisal  called  “the  green
                     minute”  in  which  she  discuss  about  the

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