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Madiyar Mukhtarovich Ospanov - was born on April 24, 1987
                                                                   in  the  village  of  Zhayylma,  Zhanakorgan  district,  Kyzylorda
                                                                   region,  the  Republic  of  Kazakhstan.  He  currently  works  in
                                                                   Birlik rural club. His collection of poems "Sezim syry" was

                                                                   published in Kentau, Turkestan region. He was awarded the
                                                                   Diploma  and  Medal  of  the  International  Union  of  World
                                                                   Talents "Best Poet". Also he is bestowed with many awards
                                                                   from the literary world. His poems have been translated into
                                                                   Kyrgyz, Uzbek, English, Indian, Turkish and Kurdish.He is a
                                                                   member of the World Writers' Union, the International Union
                                                                   of  World  Talents  and  the  Kyrgyz  Poets  and  Writers

                            Madiyar Mukhtarovich Ospanov,


                                                            THIS IS MY POETRY

                                                             It will make my soul prosper,

                                                             It will transform everything.
                                                             At the peak of the dream,
                                                             He walks with a fiery song.
                                                             This is my poetry!

                                                             When I'm tired I'll be inspired,
                                                             I'll give you directions if I'm lost.
                                                             White clouds, blue sky,
                                                             I want to go.
                                                             This is my poetry!

                                                             What makes me meaningful?
                                                             Made me look stylish.
                                                             From the sound of honey, from my youth,
                                                             It kept me going forever.
                                                             This is my poetry!

                                                             Making a choice,

                                                             It shone in the morning.
                                                             To God, to destiny,
                                                             He made a lie come true.
                                                             This is my poetry!!!

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