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Parthita  Dutta,  born  in  Kolkata,  India,  currently  living  in
                                                                   Poland.  She  is  an  engineer  and  aspiring  bilingual  writer,
                                                                   having  keen  interest  in  science,  scriptures  and  literature.
                                                                   She writes different genres of poetry, exabits philosophical

                                                                   tone and spreads love, humanity and spirituality.

                                                                     Parthita Dutta, India

                                                               Blazon Beauty

                                                        That ostentatious glow she sips
                                                        enrich the oblique lusty smile

                                                        of her scarlet protruding lips
                                                        and that dazzling sparkly gaze
                                                        beneath feathery bangs’ haze
                                                        flowing through the body wave
                                                        is an exhibition of blazoned beauty.

                                                        Isn’t a gesture of a witching soul
                                                        drowned in centric assiduity?

                                                        She weens herself as Apsara
                                                        admired, appraised, desired
                                                        having social eminence plethora,
                                                        inflames and clouds rusty face

                                                        like a rose outruns others in the race.

                                                        When the dawn meets the dusk
                                                        golden gorgeous light fades.
                                                        Away the vernal summer goes
                                                        bare skeleton, nature shows.
                                                        Knowing that all things wane
                                                        earthly beauty we worship still
                                                        and the inner beauty, a cliché
                                                        none intends to unmask the clay.
                                                        How bees are attracted more
                                                        to the scent and bright colors;
                                                        such is beauty to the human eyes.

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