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Alec Solomita’s stories and poems have appeared in many
                                                                   publications,  including  The  Adirondack  Review,  The
                                                                   Southwest  Review,  The  Galway  Review,  Algebra  of  Owls,
                                                                   The Blue Nib, Bold+Italic, and The Lake. He was shortlisted

                                                                   by the Bridport Prize and Southword Journal. He was named
                                                                   a  finalist  by  the  Noctua  Review.  His  poetry  chapbook,  “Do
                                                                   Not  Forsake  Me,”  was  published  in  2017.  He  lives  in
                                                                   Massachusetts, USA.
                                                                           Alec Solomita,USA


                                               You said I’m taking a shower,
                                               let yourself in.
                                               In your terry cloth robe, raspberry hair
                                               and steaming skin,

                                               you surprised me as I opened the door,
                                               drying your rich, unruly curls,
                                               shaking your robe open with the vigor
                                               of your drying, with the élan of a movie star.

                                               Godliness is what I thought as I drew
                                               you to me, poached and slippery
                                               and smelling like early dawn.

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