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Stephen  Douglas  Wright  is  a  poet,  author  and  playwright
                                                                   from Michigan and living in Taiwan. He holds a bachelor of
                                                                   arts degree with majors in theater, philosophy and political
                                                                   science from Aquinas College. His poems and short stories

                                                                   have been published by Harvard Children's Stories, Menteur
                                                                   Magazine,  Boundless  2021  (Anthology  of  the  Rio  Grande
                                                                   International  Poetry  Festival),  Bengalaru  Review,  Written
                                                                   Tales’  Renewal,  Celestal  Review,  Z  Publishing's  Michigan’s
                                                                   Best  Emerging  Poets  2019,  and  in  various  editions  of
                                                                   Aquinas  College's  Sampler.  His  plays  have  been  produced
                                                                   throughout the United States and Taiwan.

                            Stephen Douglas Wright, Taiwan

                                                             One to None

                                                                Thy days are numbered
                                                        Years and days and months and hours
                                                                   One to twenty-four
                                                                      One to twelve
                                                                    One to thirty-one

                                                                       One to none

                                                                      Time whittles
                                                                         Sea rock
                                                                  Down to sand speck,
                                                             Sand speck down to sea salt,
                                                      Until sea salt and salt sea dissolve into air

                                                                       One to none

                                                              Flames of birthday candles
                                                        Smuggling heavenward by Seabreeze,
                                                                   Prayers and wishes
                                                       crawling up silk smoke and gift ribbons,
                                           Words drowning and baptized in the breath that carries them

                                                                       One to none

                                                        Seabreeze steals the white moon, too,
                                                          And though moon nightly escapes,
                                                        Wind-bitten, bleeding, its orbit slows,
                                                    Circle silk streak ending, short of enclosure,
                                                    Moon, a tired brush stroke, dissolves into sky

                                                                       One to none

                                                                Thy days are numbered,
                                                        Figs from the fig tree fallen at thy feet

                                                                       One to none

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