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Sumati  Muniandy  is  currently  an  academic  lecturer  and  a
                                                                   writer.  She  holds  her  Master’s  Degree  in  TESOL  from
                                                                   University  Southern  Queensland,  Business  Administration
                                                                   from University Putra Malaysia (UPM), Diploma in TESL from

                                                                   Teacher  Training  College,  Malaysia  and  Diploma  in  TESOL
                                                                   from  London  Teacher  Training  College.  She  has  written  a
                                                                   number  of  articles  on  various  locally  and  abroad.  She  has
                                                                   also presented papers in conferences. Writing is her passion
                                                                   and  she  writes  her  real  life  experiences  to  inspire  others.
                                                                   She believes that everyone has a story to tell.

                                                  Sumati Muniandy, Malaysia

                     Thunder roared in the neighborhood,
                     A flock of birds flying to the nest on the tree
                     Other animals running aimlessly and seeking for refuge
                     The wind screamed through the branches                                         A Painful Truth
                     As I was sipping my tea, I leered at the sky
                     Rain wept through the window
                     It lashed
                     I began losing myself in the beautiful rain
                     Past memories creeping in slowly

                     People with ugly characters
                     Ill- favored bunch of crooks
                     A hostile surrounding
                     Looking for the preys to vent their anger
                     A scapegoat for their survival
                     A huge fight ensued and things got pretty tense
                     ‘I am right’ and ‘You are wrong’

                     Human psyche
                     Put on the fake mask
                     So much unhealthy competition            Not intelligent but pretend to be one
                     Tongue lashing arguments                 With books in arms
                     Personal vendetta                        Walking around
                                                              Attention seeking, distracting, showing off
                                                              Feeling unstable?

                                                              So called Bill Gate’s friend
                                                              My foot!
                                                              Shamelessly seeking for cheap publicity
                                                              You are just a speck of dust in the universe
                                                              If you understand this, you will naturally become silent!

                                                              First, get rid of the log in your eyes
                                                              Then you will see well enough to deal with the speck in your
                                                              friend’s eye!

                                                              A painful truth!
                                                              A comfortable lie!

                                                              The choice is entirely yours!
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