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Tareq Samin is a Bangladeshi bilingual Writer and Editor of
                                                                   the bilingual literary journal Sahitto ( He is
                                                                   author of seven books, including four poetry collections, two
                                                                   Short Stories collections and a Novel. Also he has translated

                                                                   into Bengali, two books of Anthology of International poetry
                                                                   of  22  poets  from  20  countries.  In  total  he  has  nine  books
                                                                   published.  Some  of  his  poems  are  translated  in  English,
                                                                   Spanish,  Chinese,  German,  French,  Greek,  Italian,  Russian,
                                                                   Turkish,  Swedish,  Finnish,  Hebrew,  Arabic,  Vietnamese,
                                                                   Hindi,  Nepalese,  Portuguese,  Estonian,  Slovak,  Romanian,
                                                                   Macedonian  and  Hungarian  Languages.  His  poems,  short
                                                                   Stories and articles are published in more than 25 countries.
                                                                   Tareq  Samin  received  the  ‘International  Best  Poets  Award-
                                                                   2020’  from  The  International  Poetry  Translation  And
                                                                   Research Centre (IPTRC), China and the Greek Academy of
                      Tareq Samin                                  Arts  and  Writing.  Also  he  has  been  awarded  ‘Honorable
                                                                   Mention’ in Foreign Language Authors category for his poem
                                                                   ‘Another Try’ in ‘The prize il Meleto di Guido Gozzano Agliè’
                                                                   poetry competition held in 12 September 2020 in Turin, Italy.

                                              HATRED AND LOVE

                                       When hatred spreads the fire of division among men
                                       Logic and intellect then lose the way;
                                       Then; Come O mind,
                                       Hei deprived human life
                                       Let's bath in the love’s fresh water.
                                       Only, exclusively love can
                                       destroy the giant power of hatred,
                                       So come today we love each other,
                                       There is the dire need of love among mankind.

                                                The blue Mimosa

                                        I had seen,
                                        the blue Mimosa trees in blossoms
                                        and was overwhelmed by its beauty
                                        but I don't know its name.
                                        You're talking about it,
                                        when the season of flower is gone.
                                        And; when you come to my life
                                        I noticed in your eyes,
                                        the season has gone again.
                                        This time, the season of love.
                                        you were in enormous pain
                                        for your past.

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