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Michael  Mc  Aloran  was  born  in  Belfast,  (1976).  He  is  the
                                                                author  of  over  30  collections  of  poetry,  prose  poetry,
                                                                aphorisms  and  prose.  His  most  recent  publications  were
                                                                with  Editions  du  Cygne  (FR),  VoidFront  Press  (U.S),  Veer
                                                                Books, (U.K) & Oneiros Books, (U.K).

                                                                Michael Mc Aloran, UK

                                                                   Excepts from “blood rhetoric”

                      scarred without a pilgrimage a shadow's tooth & nail of breathless desire cold meat a nocturne a
                           birthing weight of reclamation sudden to disavow claim lapse a bitten butchery of light


                   all eye & the once spoke(n) a closure realm of forest breath as strip of ocular reduct/ terse tint/ recluse
                       of silence in marrow exigency where done for of the futile meat's devour/ piss for sustenance


                      skull terse elixir flagellate/ flesh of which to caress the body vocal eye record as of what shine till
                  shadow closure jaw clench expire absentee whereof what once a dense obscure cold colours vice/ eye


                  …here layeth a body vocal severed a prism closure of extension colour it this neither of the may neither
                       extend till step once ever taken from reclamation a bloody aftermath of secret bind no dice it…


                      …in the coiling of where to echo-striate embalm(ed) the adoptive force of the banal coloureality a
                    turning lest what known desire as if it-turn blind weight suck what dried paint a smear of shit across
                                                                       the eyes…


                     …was once no/ turn/ close of fingers/ turn of in the widening emptiness of speech deduce(d) what
                        cometh hence of the occlude the ocular birthed blood burning in rhetoric expound spat into/
                                                               dishevelled a body/ no…

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