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Mazdak Panjehee is a Poet, critic, journalist and lawyer from
                                                                Iran,  Gilan  province  and  Rasht  city  born  on  December  16,

                                                             Mazdak Panjehee , Iran

                                                           To Anbar that is the life companion and

                                                                           the mate of loneliness

                  With all this charm,
                   How do I obey?                                                       Translator: Alla_Sharifian
                   A house that does not smell like spring

                   I've fallen in love
                   You took boredom
                  And seated under the window to see how the swallows
                  Have become the oppressed workers and builders
                   You took boredom to the yard
                  So that the broken mango tree might bear fruit

                   I sneeze (I have sneezing)
                   I suffocate the sensitivity in my throat
                   Maybe the neighbor thinks we feel no pain

                   You said the solution for staying is to not see
                   I understand myself
                   What to say to impatience?
                   it neither reads books
                   Nor watches movies
                  There is no noise from these windows either
                  The school yard is sad
                  Tricolor flag is fighting against the wind
                   Sometimes is winner
                   But most of the time dies
                   I sat in your corner
                  For so much fear
                  For so much shock
                  For fear of death

                  I only watch

                  You return it to the room,
                   Seated (set) it on the sofa
                   And with wistful eyes,
                   We are watching the news

                   You put a peeled apple in my mouth
                   I'm sweet like the intercross moment
                   And it is your kindness that keeps me alive
                   Your kindness...

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