Page 56 - June 2021 Litterateur
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When the Sea speaks

                    Swirling in ritual.

                    The Sea has decided to create a symphony with the waves and the wind.
                    It decided to speak, towards the horizon,
                    under the setting sun.
                    Every night I watch the waves follow the stars in a ballad.
                    Tonight it is different.

                    The sea has decided to tell me a story of Mediterranean shores.
                    Perhaps the ones no one wants to talk about.
                    Of course, people want to kiss the sun on crystal seas.
                    But I am ready to follow the stars and the sea.
                    The sea tells me in my heart a poem, about many souls.
                    Lost in sea.
                    Waves rolling and rolling, rememberings souls. one after the other.

                    We do not know their name.
                     But we know their dreams.
                    Buried in the sea.
                    And tears fall with the stars.

                                                                             Mary Anne Zammit , UK

                                                                 Litterateur                                                56

                                                                       REDEFINING WORLD
                                                                     EDITED BY SHAJIL ANTHRU
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