Page 54 - June 2021 Litterateur
P. 54

                   Oh, great! Can’t you just see us in twenty years, bent over and using a cane, walking a dog?
                   Besides, ever since I pulled Telemachus out from the jaws of the Great Dane, I hate dogs. All
                   they ever do is piss on your tires.

                   (MYRTLE furiously skates over to WALLY and snatches the cage out of his hands)

                   I’m going to bury him in the turnip patch! (She skates out of the room)

                   (WALLY wheels himself over to the door, cups his hand to his mouth, and calls out to his wife)

                   No,  don’t  bury  him  there,  Myrtle.  Turnips  grow  below  the  ground.  I  don’t  want  Telemachus
                   sharing  his  space  with  anything  else.  Plant  him  in  with  the  cucumbers.  (He  slowly  wheels

                   himself back to his desk and shakes his head) I guess people deal with their grief in different
                   ways. (Pause) Where was I?

                   (WALLY picks up his World Atlas and flips through the pages as he slowly spins in his chair.

                   His  spinning  becomes  faster  as  he  excitedly  turns  the  pages,  until  his  chair  whorls  out  of
                   control and he falls off)

                                                        Amy  Bassin and Mark Blickley, US

                                                                 Litterateur                                                54

                                                                       REDEFINING WORLD
                                                                     EDITED BY SHAJIL ANTHRU
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