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Telemachus Triumphs

                WALLY LEGGIT---- A recently retired bus driver, 65, quite out of shape

                MYRTLE LEGGIT--- A slim, athletic woman, 60, married to Wally.

                The curtain opens on a very neat, very masculine study. Stage right is the doorway entrance
                to the study where we see WALLY seated in a stylish desk chair that he slowly wheels over to
                his desk. The chair seems to be attached to him as he kicks out his legs to gain momentum
                and direction; in fact, he could almost pass for a strange new kind of insect. WALLY could

                leave the chair any time he wishes, but he has no desire to. He’s a perfect example of inertia in
                motion.  When  WALLY  reaches  the  desk  he  pulls  a  large  World  Atlas  out  of  a  drawer  and
                begins to thumb through it. Suddenly we hear a woman’s scream. His wife, MYRTLE, bursts
                into the room on roller skates, holding a cage.

                He’s dead! He’s dead! Telemachus is dead! He’s dead, Wally! Telemachus is dead!
                (WALLY grabs the cage, examines it) I was watching him running the wheel like he always

                does,  like  he  loves  to  do,  and  the  just  sort  of  squealed  and  flopped  over.  I  can’t  believe
                Telemachus is dead.


                                                       (Examines gerbil with his finger)
                He’s gone.


                Oh, Wally, it’s so cruel. He was the sweetest gerbil we ever had. How could he leave us?


                I don’t know, Myrtle. I don’t know! You say he was on his wheel when it happened?


                He was hitting such a graceful stride when it……..

                (MYRTLE covers her face with her hands as WALLY pulls out the tiny odometer attached to
                the wheel)

                My God, look at these figures! Telemachus put three tenths of a mile on his odometer since I
                checked it last night.

                You can’t be serious. Let me see. (she skates over to Wally)

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