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New  York  interdisciplinary  artist  Amy    Bassin  and  writer
                                                                Mark Blickley work together on text-based art collaborations
                                                                and experimental videos. Their work has appeared in many
                                                                national and international publications as well as two books,
                                                                Weathered  Reports:  Trump  Surrogate  Quotes  from  the
                                                                Underground'  (Moria  Books,  Chicago)  and  Dream  Streams
                                                                (Clare Songbird Publishing House,, New York). Their videos,
                                                                Speaking  In  Bootongue  and  Widow’s  Peek:  The  Kiss  of

                                                                Death  represented  the  the  United  States  in  the  2020  year-
                                                                long world tour of Time Is Love: Universal Feelings: Myths &
                                                                Conjunctions,  organized  by  the  esteemed  African  curator,
                                                                Kisito Assangni.

                                                                       Amy  Bassin and
                       Writer Mark Blickley

                                                                           Mark Blickley

                                                        Telemachus Triumphs

                       Artist Amy  Bassin

                                                                 Litterateur                                                47

                                                                       REDEFINING WORLD
                                                                     EDITED BY SHAJIL ANTHRU
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