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Marco  Marengo  was  born  in  Genoa  on  11/10/1973.  His  first
                                                                publication  is  entitled  "PHRASES  WITHOUT  A  PRECISE
                                                                MEANING FOR TRAILS WITHOUT A MARKED PATH", Silver
                                                                Press  Editions.  Years  of  silence  followed,  till  he  started
                                                                pubslihing  poems    in  Italian  magazines.He  was  always
                                                                inspired by Lerma, a town in the north of Italy.
                                                                During  Covid  pandemic,  he  wrote  the  collection  of  poetic
                                                                fragments  "IL  FIUME  SI  È  FERMATO  -  THE  RIVER  HAS

                                                                STOPPED". It has been published by PROMOSAIK in various
                                                                bilingual  editions:  Italian-English,  Italian-Spanish,  Italian-
                                                                German  and  Italian-Russian.  He  also  published  with
                                                                PROMOSAIK,  a  mystery-thriller  entitled  IL  PANE  DEL  BOIA
                                                                and  a  dystopian  novel  entitled  BUNKER-U  (fragment  of  an
                             Marco                              exploded novel). Two four-handed publications. One with the
                                                                Ugandan  poet  Carolyne  Afroetry  MA,  entitled  DISTANCES.
                                                                The other with the poetess of Nigeria Justina Abbah, entitled
                         Marengo,                               FABLES AND POEMS are his other contributions.

                                 Italy           A ray of sunshine and a hippo

                   A ray of sunshine sits restfully on the back of a big hippo. Both of them live fine together
                   considering that the ray warms up the hippo that, clumsily, moves on carrying it around. It’s

                   beautiful to see them and this scene attracts human and animals, forcing on their face a large
                   smile. Also, each one who looks at it, receives a private sunbeam to carry around: a personal
                   sunshine that will give them light and energy without claiming nothing as a change: only what
                   we can give or we wish to donate.

                   In  our  place  electricity  comes  and  goes  without  advice.  The  rhythm  of  the  sun  will  never
                   betray us.

                   Each ray of sunshine respects us if we respect him. He’ll stay with us until he can, but when it
                   is fading away won’t return only because we call him back. Like us he follows the rhythm of

                   Could happen in the future, to have dark time, but it won’t last long. The ray of light will be

                   ready to appear, warm and on time to protect us. Sometimes he will be too hot, but he will
                   always be our ray of sunshine.

                   If you are reading while the sun is hot and strong, cheer the sun for me.

                   If you are reading and the sun is beyond the horizon, remember to cheer tomorrow.

                   If you are eating you should thank the sun, because you cooked with its help, cheer it for me.

                   A new day, the same sun.
                   Ciao and good things to everybody. Marco.

                   The hippo does not know yet where the sun goes when it disappears. He knows that if it is too
                   hot the water flowing in the rivers will reduce as if by magic.
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