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                  Moon takes up a lake and an eye,

                  full as milk or golden lamina;
                  who drowned, other than reflection?
                  who opened wide and saw the gaze of heaven?

                  For all the sky's twinkling coordinates,
                  it's inconstancy that suits us deeper on the ground;
                  insensible romantic or celestial physician,
                  god-worshiper or retainer to the tides.

                  It takes shape from the hubris of the sun.
                  Shines with light so taciturn.
                  Less luminous than any star around it.
                  But a child's voice names it,

                  It's not just the dark's

                                               THE LONG ISLAND SWAN

                  A solitary swan,

                  white in plumage,
                  beak the color of orange rind,
                  glided listlessly up and down
                  a pond on Long Island's north fork.

                  It reconnoitered its surrounds,
                  like an army scout,
                  for a suitable mate.

                  Whether from faith or doggedness.
                  the bird showed no inclination
                  to move from there.

                  It nibbled at such bits of food
                  that the water provided.
                  But mostly it looked to the sky

                  for signs of its own kind.

                  More than anything
                  that swan was but one half

                  of a whole.

                  Some days it had me for company.

                  But our join was clearly seen,
                  never deeply felt.

                                                                                     John Grey , Australia

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                        EDITED BY SHAJIL ANTHRU
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