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John  Grey  is  an  Australian  poet,  US  resident,  recently
                                                                   published in Orbis, Dalhousie Review and the Round Table.
                                                                   Latest books, “Leaves on Pages” and “Memory outside the
                                                                   Head” are available through Amazon.

                                                                                    John Grey

                                                  THE MOUNTAIN MAN

                  From the porch of her family home,
                  the mountain with snow on top
                  looms everything else into subservience.

                  It’s the face she loved when she was a child,
                  cheeks of fur, rocky brow,
                  and thatch on its crown

                  whiter than her grandfather’s.
                  No one else her age
                  believed it was real.

                  And it was always

                  thawing and freezing
                  up a smile,
                  with spring tears,

                  a steep jaw,
                  forbidding to the eye,
                  but totally trustworthy.

                  Folks said the wind blew

                  so fierce up near the summit.
                  Not true, she knew.
                  It never fluttered a hair on his head.

                  The other kids said she was crazy then.
                  The mountain never stooped to such schoolyard folly.
                  Those kids are pumping gas or working checkout.
                  She’s back from college for Christmas.

                  Only the mountain got it right.

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