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                  Wayfarer, do you have the courage to atone
                  for your pride, anger and crude words?

                  Reach out to a stranger;

                  embrace those on the other side!

                  Do you have the wisdom to replenish yourself
                  by bestowing upon others?

                  Frame with rocks all that is ephemeral;
                  before the great departure, leave an indelible mark!

                  Try to understand; absolve yourself;
                  touch the silence of the grave and welcome the rain
                  that patters over the hard earth.

                  Wayfarer, take the path of Alifakovac,
                  and among the carved white headstones
                  you shall find the beginning and the end of everything.

                             Translated by Jasna Furtinger ; editing of the translation by Kristin Muraki

                                                                              Jasmina Hanjalic,

                                                                      Bosnia and Herzegovina

                   Litterateur                                                                                             42

                           REDEFINING WORLD
                        EDITED BY SHAJIL ANTHRU
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