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Jasmina  Hanjalic  who  writes  poetry,  short  stories  and
                                                                   reviews is born in 1963 in Pec. She is a Faculty of Medicine
                                                                   graduated in Sarajevo, where she lives and works as medical
                                                                   1. Poems collection: “All in one, one in all” (VAT, 2011)
                                                                   2.“TURNED INTO THE STONE” (ZALIHICA, 2013)
                                                                   3.“Stories in white” (Dobra knjiga, 2014)
                                                                   4. Poems collection” Dismissed the ostrich and other birds”
                                                                   (Planjax, 2017).
                                                                   5. “Through the Gorges“ (VAT, 2020)

                                                                   She has won many awards for literature in BiH and abroad.

                                              Jasmina Hanjalic

                                                    THE QUINCE TREE

                  This morning Father cut down the quince tree,
                  planted on my first day of school.

                  It was the only remaining tree
                  in our courtyard.

                  (He’d cut down the rest
                  when they’d stopped producing fruit.)

                  Up until last year, you could’ve felt its breathing

                  through the fragrance of the quinces lined up on top of the cupboard.

                  But this morning Father cut down

                  this barren friend of mine.

                  Only a hollow stump is now left of it,
                  eaten up from inside by ants.

                  And look, these same ants
                  are now rushing towards my feet.

                                Translated by Jasna Furtinger ; editing of the translation by Kristin Muraki

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