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Carl  Scharwath,  has  appeared  globally  with  75+  journals
                                                                   selecting  his  art  photography,  His  first  photography  book
                                                                   was  published  by  Praxis.  His  photography  was  also
                                                                   exhibited in the Mount Dora Center for the Arts gallery and
                                                                   their exhibition “Be a Part of It.” Recently his photography
                                                                   was accepted by The Leesburg Center for the Arts and their
                                                                   3  month  storefront  exhibition.  Six  global  poets  have  also
                                                                   selected  his  photography  to  grace  the  covers  of  their
                                                                   published  books.  Carl  is  the  art  editor  for  both  Minute
                                                                   Magazine  (USA,)  a  monthly  interviewer  for  Venetian  Bay
                                                                   Neighbors  Magazine,  competitive  runner  and  a  2nd  degree

                                                                   black- belt in Taekwondo.

                                                                           Carl Scharwath

                            TRUE BEING                                                           AXIS

                     For a moment,                                                    The passion shall escape
                     Frozen in the window of my soul.                                  While the past,
                     Immersed in a disquieting vision.                                  Flickering hungry
                     Knowing I will never see you again.                                 Is bleached invisible.

                                                                                      You gaze at
                                                                                       The unfeigned light

                                                                                        Walking out determined
                                                                                         From your world.

                                                                                      Knowing how it feels
                                                                                       To be broken
                                                                                        And have a black hole
                                                                                         On your timeline.

                                NOMAD                                                     CREPUSCULE

                     The moon quivers in the morning ecstasy
                     Red roses dance with reflective dewdrops                       Living between all boundaries

                     Heaven's knowledge and eternity held                           the light is always within grasp
                     In the rapture or a wanderer’s anguish.                        winding through the face of another.
                                                                                   Entangled in the capsule of darkness
                                                                                    waiting to move forward in love
                                                                                    and paint a new beginning.

                   Litterateur                                                                                            35

                           REDEFINING WORLD
                        EDITED BY SHAJIL ANTHRU
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