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Brunette and Blonde

                  Favorite smell of cappuccino. Without opening my eyes, I touched the glass with one hand. The
                  temperature  is  just  right.  No  familiar  silhouette  near  the  window,  however.  Strangely,  the
                  papers scattered around the room were not put away. In the kitchen, an unfamiliar girl. I turned

                  the stroller in her direction.
                  - Are you awake?
                  This girl, who looked like Aurora, was about sixteen years old. But why isn't she here? Why
                  didn't she come? These questions were keeping me awake...
                   - Yes, Aurora... -Before I could finish my question, she sensitively continued my words.

                  - Sir, I am Aurora's daughter. My mother sent you this and told me to tell you that she won't be
                  able  to  come  here  anymore...  We  warned  your  mother.  From  tomorrow  you  will  have  a  new

                  Hearing this girl's words made my insides burn. It seemed that my story flashed before my eyes
                  again, as if they had been healthy for me. And now a letter and a book wrapped in paper lay
                  before me...
                  "My dear Osvaldo! Forgive me. I quit my job because I can no longer hide my love. Yesterday
                  before I left, I saw you looking at me intently, and I was aware that you too were beginning to

                  have feelings for me. At first I rejoiced considerably. After all, I had waited six years for this
                  day. But, after reading your last story, I finally realized that it was all wrong. And I, the fool,
                  couldn't close my eyes, knowing everything. Do you remember that I laughed when I read your

                  story? Then I actually cried inside. When I found out that you still loved Margo, I couldn't stop
                  myself. And when you were near me I consciously pretended to laugh...
                  And the reason why we can no longer meet you, you will know when you open the paper. I hope
                  it will be the best birthday present ever. I hope to see you soon. Aurora..."
                  My eyes filled with tears, I didn't have the courage to drop them. It was certain that this gift, the

                  book. But, now, what book would soften the present situation? I angrily began to tear off the
                  On the cover of the book was written – “Oswald”. The author was Marguerite Berardi.

                                                                                Farhod Eshanov,Uzbekistan

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