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Brunette and Blonde

                  Today, my maid turned into a listening ear: she listened to every word I said with great interest.
                  Because, she was thrilled to hear from the author himself, who had been a burden to his mother
                  all his life, being bedridden inside four walls, had always been in no such position, had seen

                  the days in his youth.
                  - That day we sat next to Margo on the beach. Our heartfelt, sincere conversation seemed to
                  last an eternity. Those were the most beautiful moments. And then...
                  -  And  then...  then  you  liked  each  other...  -  Aurora  finished  for  me,  as  if  she  was  previously
                  aware of the meaning of my story.

                  - Yes, we liked each other... - I confirmed her assumption.
                  I did not dare to tell Aurora about unforgettable impressions of that one night spent with Margo,
                  so I was not ashamed. No wonder she'd had enough of the way I reflected on the past, staring

                  at the ceiling. She realized long ago that I should be left alone with these memories. Aurora is
                  the maid my mother hired to serve me, for six years she has managed to occupy a place in my
                  soul. And she is a very perceptive woman. It's not for nothing that I consider her an integral
                  part of my life. However, she seemed noble and charming, at that moment my thoughts were
                  occupied only with Margo. Her beautiful voice rang in my ears...

                  "My dear Osvaldo, those beautiful moments цршср spent with you I will remember all my life.
                  You  opened  your  soul  to  me.  Your  generosity  will  seal  itself  in  my  heart.  I  will  never  regret
                  handing  over  my  soul.  I  will  look  forward  to  the  day  when  fate  will  bring  us  together  again.

                  Farewell, Osvaldo, farewell!"
                  - That day, as she uttered these parting words, she thought I was not yet awake. As she tried to
                  leave the hut, she looked in my direction one last time. And we never saw each other again, our
                  paths parted...
                  At one point I was crippled: what was so funny about the story Aurora found in my story that I

                  had been writing all night. Why was she laughing? No matter how hard I tried to find an answer
                  to that question, I couldn't. Certainly she is a good reader. I thought she was laughing at the
                  inaccuracy of the writing.

                  - Mr. Osvaldo, -Aurora turned to me, having finished her work and going home.
                  I looked back in her direction. It turned out that up to now I had never had to walk my maid to
                  the door. I remembered this as she put on her slippers.
                  Aurora looked in my direction. When she saw that I was looking at her, she froze in an instant.
                  Thus we gazed at each other for a long time, while discomfort appeared between us. And to get

                  rid of the discomfort, I said:
                  - All right, go...
                  - Goodbye, sir...

                  - See you...
                  All  night  I  tried  to  remember  the  moments  in  my  life  that  were  worth  remembering.  To  be
                  precise, my memory flashed back to that one night with Margo and the six-year experience of
                  living with Aurora. It's hard to make a final decision between erratic thoughts.
                  However, I was clearly aware that I needed to confess my feelings to Aurora. Although I noticed

                  sincerely that she loved me too, I was afraid of her reaction-she might leave me forever if I told
                  her of my love. If there was such a possibility, she would have left long ago. She hadn't missed
                  a  day  of  work  in  those  six  years.  Surely  Aurora  is  worthy  of  my  love.  Tomorrow,  yes,  yes,

                  tomorrow I'll tell you that...

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