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Brunette and Blonde

                  She hung up.
                  -  Your  mother  called.  She  absolutely  resisted  your  writing.  And  also...  she  told  you  not  to

                  Aurora  wanted  to  reflect  her  shock  at  her  and  got  agitated.  It  seemed  to  me  as  if  she  was
                  mumbling. Soon she began to prepare the medicine I was to take. The mere thought of having
                  to swallow the hateful pills made me cringe all over. I crumpled my cup in anger and tossed it
                  into the basket in the corner of the room, where the crumpled container sat next to yesterday's
                  cups. It seemed to me that this routine would last forever.

                  - It amazes me that you couldn't take even one step out of the house and how you write about
                  the beauty of sea breezes, azure shores? You portray as if you had been and lived there all
                  your life. I'm very curious to know who the beautiful Margo? - Suddenly she asked the question,

                  forwarding the medicine with water.
                  And I continued to retell what I had put into lines yesterday.
                    -  There  was  no  prettier  girl  on  the  coast  than  she  was.  People  streaming  in  from  the
                  surrounding area were struck by her beauty, sometimes at a loss for words. Her snow-white
                  smile and graceful sophistication drove many men mad. However, her soul was pure and clear

                  as the night moon, which illuminated the dark surface of the sea.
                  As the night moon rises in the sky, you can watch her move smoothly across the sea to the
                  shore. The sparkling sparks on the moon's surface give joy to the eyes and peace to the soul.

                  And  I  sat  on  the  coastal  sands,  surrendering  to  sad  thoughts.  How  could  I  not  react  to  the
                  whistling,  the  excessive  attention  to  her  person  when  she  was  followed  by  glances  and
                  And then I began to wonder: since when did I become interested in the antics of these people? I
                  remembered those days with regret. It was only Margo's beautiful voice that brought me to my

                  senses, relieving me of all sorts of thoughts.
                  "Excuse me, sir..."
                  At  first  her  slender  legs  appeared  before  my  eyes,  which  delighted  the  eye  and  excited  the

                  Out of surprise I was speechless. And she went on, as if to say she was here.
                  - Sir, my name is Margherita Berardi. If you don't mind, I'll keep you company and we'll talk,"
                  she chirped, bringing me to my senses.
                  - Of course, please... - I said kindly, which was very uncharacteristic of me...

                  A smile appeared on Aurora's frozen face again. And with even more enthusiasm she began to
                  ask questions.
                   -Ah, my dear Osvaldo, could you... could you do such... It's hard to believe...

                  Aurora's interest in this story was growing by the minute. I realized that I would only be free of
                  her inquiries if I told her the whole story.
                  - Aurora, I wasn't always in this position...
                  Her eyes opened wide, as if she did not recognize me. Apparently, my companion thought that I
                  had been so helpless and pathetic all my life...

                  -  Those  legs  weren't  always  as  paralyzed  as  they  are  now...  I'll  tell  you...  This  weak  body
                  became so not so long ago... I'm not congenitally disabled...

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