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will I become a better man,                                                             LITTLE VIGIL LAMP

                  will I know the answers of all the goodbyes
                  when you are telling me
                  that I shouldn’t run away from aging,
                  unless I want to die before my time

                  and that the life line on your palm
                  is invisible for the eyes, but I will find you anyway,
                  that I will carry my own years all by myself,
                  but towards the youth and my childhood they will lead me,

                  until one beautiful day
                  through the umbilical cord
                  of the white wind on the Sun
                  I see you like a transparent silhouette

                  that has been walking on foot for a long time
                  on the longest line of my palm,
                  and that with the whole time of this world
                  in one glance only, I will be back between us again...

                                       TODAY, A MAN SHOULD REMEMBER

                     Today, a man should remember
                     to turn off the mobile phone, the computer and

                     the internet,
                     the television, the wars, the murders, the tsunami,
                     the nuclear power plants that are leaking radioactivity,

                     the gigantic mutations of the mollusks
                     tossed on the shore by a totally new evolution,
                     the little and the big dictators
                     that juggle with the fossils of the history
                     like with decapitated human heads

                     that stare into our eyes shamelessly
                     and tell us jokes about Houdini,
                     and then - the polar vortex

                     that stops the game of the lakes’ waves,
                     and carves the iconostasis of the frozen Dante’s hell, in the waterfalls,
                     and then - the ozone holesand the light that turns us into ashes
                     like a film tape with the Sun that we have given up long time ago,
                     and then - the digital alarm clock,

                     the shaving machine and the alarms –
                     simply – all the electronics around us,
                     in which we dive deep into like electrons in binary numbers

                     that tell us on the monitors like inconsistent many samples of “I”,
                     except –
                     If he could remember to replace the pacemakers’ battery
                     on time,
                     if his heart is weak.

                     Then, he could forget the time
                     and make his first footprints on the innocence of
                     the snow…
                   Litterateur                              30                           Borche Panov,

                           REDEFINING WORLD                                Republic of North Macedoni
                        EDITED BY SHAJIL ANTHRU
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