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                                                                                        FIGURES IN EVERY CHILD’S LIFE?

                    What people are mostly unaware of is that a kindergarten teacher is not only a person
                    who takes care of your child. She is also an educator, entertainer, actor, multiple creator

                    who surprises children every day and enriches their lives with knowledge, inventiveness,
                    enthusiasm  and  creativity.  Practice  shows  that  children  often  spend  more  time  with
                    kindergarten teachers than with their parents. Thus, we come to the conclusion that the
                    main  role  in  the  upbringing  and  education  of  children  at  the  preschool  age  is  the
                    kindergarten  and  KINDERGARTEN  TEACHER.  Later,  the  school  and  the  school  teachers

                    takes this role.

                    In  kindergarten  children  feel  free  and  secure,  especially  if  the  house  is  often  empty

                    (without the presence of both parents, love and support) or full of quarrels. Kindergarten
                    teachers confide children’s worries, secrets, fears and desires, so she is their best friend
                    and caring fairy who understand their deepest needs. With her, they learn to recite, play,
                    sing,  dance,  play  sports,  participate  in  competitive  games,  etc.  In  the  group,  with  the
                    help  of  a  good  educator,  their  tolerance,  empathy,  creativity,  cooperation  among

                    children will grow easily, and those are qualities that new generations need.

                    We are surrounded by numerous examples of bad manners, ugly speech and aggressive

                    behavior.  What  we  are  obliged  to  do  is  to  protect  our  children  from  these  negative
                    influences and help them to be better than that - better than us! We will only succeed, if
                    we  offer  them  something  nicer,  smarter  and  more  inspiring.  Kindergarten  is  a  great
                    source  of  inspiration  for  children's  hearts  and  minds,  and  it  must  remain  so.  Without
                    kindergarten  teachers,  children  would  be  deprived  of  a  fairy-tale  experience.  It  is  the

                    world  where  kindness  and  love  win,  where  perseverance  and  courage  are  valued  and
                    togetherness (harmony) is the supreme victory to which we should all strive.

                    The kindergarten teacher will dispel children's fears, wipe away their tears, put a smile
                    on  their  faces  and  awaken  their  imagination.  As  such,  her  presence  has  the  highest
                    meaning and the greatest significance for the child's development.

                    Encourage the child to show his potentials, motivate him to learn and progress, help him

                    believe in himself and his abilities, but also to constantly test his abilities and push the
                    boundaries - that is the mission of every teacher and we should all live it with pride!

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